The Deepest Longing of the Soul
A Multimedia Quest for Truth

Leader’s Guide DVD-ROM: Lessons & Videos (reproduce lessons as needed)

One of the primary goals of The Question is to help train and equip the participants to be lifelong witnesses for Christ. The Leader Guide disc contains 13 training Sessions designed to begin the first 10 minutes of each rehearsal period. The focus of the Sessions is to help youth better understand their personal faith and become equipped to share their faith clearly, boldly, and lovingly.

Each Session begins with a short video, dramatic sketch or group reading, followed by a time of discussion and scripture reading. Sessions may be shortened or omitted as necessary. Format: Computer DVD-ROM (accessible in any computer DVD disc drive). Playback of the .m4v video files requires a recent version of a free computer media player such as Windows Media Player or Quicktime. Recommended quantity: One (1) disc required. Copies of session materials and scriptures are in Adobe .pdf format and may be printed as needed.

Price: $34.95