The Deepest Longing of the Soul
A Multimedia Quest for Truth

The Salvation Poem Cards: Pack of 500

These durable cards present The Salvation Poem, a poetic and musical summation of the Gospel which serves as the core theme of both The Question presentation and the training Sessions (found in the Leader Guide). The cards are easily carried in a wallet or purse and will serve as a long-term evangelism aide for sharing the Gospel with others, as well as a reminder of God’s amazing grace toward humanity.

Format: Durable synthetic card stock, 2⅛ x 3⅜ inches (similar in size to a debit card or driver’s license to easily fit in a wallet or purse). Recommended quantity: A minimum of one (1) for each participant in the presentation and one (1) for each person expected to attend the presentation(s), plus additional copies for evangelistic outreach. Available in economical bulk packages of 100, 500 and 1,000 cards.

Price: $124.95