The Deepest Longing of the Soul
A Multimedia Quest for Truth

Post Cards: Pack of 100 Printable Sheets (400 Post Cards after cutting)

These standard-sized sheets are printed with four (4) color post cards on one side, blank on the other. The color ink is safe to run through your laser printer so the blank side can be imprinted with the date, time and location of your performance of The Question, as well as address labels for mailing.

After the blank side is imprinted, simply have the sheets cut into four separate post cards at a local quick-print shop. Format: 8½ x 11 inches, high-gloss full color one side, blank on the reverse. A package of 100 sheets will produce 400 post cards. Recommended quantity: One (1) for each person on the church mailing list, plus additional cards for evangelistic outreach.

Price: $24.95