The Deepest Longing of the Soul
A Multimedia Quest for Truth


The Question is a live multimedia event created as a vehicle for evangelistic outreach and to raise up a new generation of witnesses for Jesus Christ. This cutting-edge presentation incorporates live music with stunning video backdrops for each song, humorous yet powerful dramatic sketches, and video segments that include a personal testimony from Franklin Graham. The presentation is suitable for churches or secular venues.

The Question tells the story of Ian, a student who has known his share of hard knocks. His parents have divorced and Ian is bitter and rebellious. In his quest to ease the pain he has explored risky and self-destructive behaviors. Alarmed, Ian’s mother begins bringing him to meetings of the church youth group, where his bitterness immediately gets the attention of the other group members. The Christian students realize that Ian needs help, but they are intimidated by his attitude and insecure about their own abilities to share their faith. As Ian’s tough façade begins to soften, his new friends come to realize that with the proper preparation they really can share their faith and reflect the love of Christ to others.

Interweaved throughout the program are video street interviews conducted on college campuses. Students are asked questions such as, “Do you believe in God?” “Where do you draw inspiration in life?” and “What happens when you die?” The sometimes shocking answers reveal the desperate need for Jesus Christ in our world today.

As The Question comes to a moving conclusion, Franklin Graham sets up an opportunity for the host church or organization to invite those in attendance to receive Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

Another priority of The Question experience is to help train and inspire the entire cast, crew and audience to a renewed commitment to share their faith. Included in the products available to every host church is a leadership guide with videos, devotions and Bible studies that help equip every person involved in The Question to become confident and articulate personal evangelists for life.

The production features songs by Nichole Nordeman, Nicole C. Mullen, Zoegirl and Superchick, as well as original songs by Steven V. Taylor, Matt and Sherry McPherson, Steve Siler and John Mandeville.

The pivotal song is “The Salvation Poem,” a classic sinner’s prayer in musical form. Written by Matt and Sherry McPherson, “The Salvation Poem” has been translated into more than 20 languages and has been distributed globally by Cook International on more than 14 million pieces of missions literature. The song has been recorded by many popular singers, including Twila Paris, Bryan White and Marcos Witt, and is the title song of the Latin American film, Poema de Salvacion, based on the true-life redemption story of Argentine rock star Pablo Olivares. “The Salvation Poem” is currently in use by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Centershot Ministries, Samaritan’s Purse, Innovative Outreaches United, the Creation Museum and other organizations.

The Question
Produced and Arranged by Steven V. Taylor
Videos Directed by: David Kiern
Special Message: Franklin Graham
Script by Bob Hoose & Jim Custer, with Matt & Sherry McPherson, Steven V. Taylor and Don Boyer
Music Transcriptions by: Luke Woodard
Executive Producers: Matt & Sherry McPherson, Don Boyer